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How to Post to Instagram Through Facebook Creator Studio


How to Post to Instagram Through Facebook Creator Studio

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Social Media, Tutorial

Late in 2018, Facebook launched an extremely useful and powerful tool that was missed by many (ourselves included) called Creator Studio which allows businesses to quickly and easily gain access to their page insights while also managing their page online.

Then in 2019, Facebook integrated an Instagram dashboard into Creator Studio which allows business page managers to publish to Instagram and view Instagram Insights directly from their desktop or laptop. Before Creator Studio publishing natively on Instagram was limited to the Instagram app on mobile. There still isn’t a way to publish directly to Instagram via on desktop, so Creator Studio makes Instagram desktop publishing possible.

To access Creator Studio, navigate to your Facebook business page then in the left sidebar menu click “Publishing Tools.” Then on the new page, in the left sidebar menu click “Creator Studio.” Alternatively, you can navigate to

In Creator Studio, you have access to a bunch of helpful features. First, you can toggle between your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Each account gives you access to a Content Library, Page Insights, Monetization Tools, and a Publisher.

The Content Library allows you to see what content you’ve published, scheduled, saved as drafts, or archived and lets you quickly filter by post type, post status, and post date among other filter options.

In the top bar of Creator Studio, you can toggle over to Instagram, where’ll you see a very similar, but more limited, array of options. The neat thing here is the ability to natively publish to Instagram via your desktop or laptop.

Instagram Overview in Creator Studio

To post to Instagram, click Create Post then choose between Instagram Feed (a regular video or photo post) and IGTV.

Create an Instagram Post in Creator Studio

Then type your post caption, add some hashtags, add a location, then Add Content from your computer’s folders.

Add Instagram Post in Creator Studio

Once everything is loaded properly, you’ll have the option to syndicate this post on Facebook then either immediately Publish, Schedule your post for the future, or Save a Draft of your post to work on later.

Publish Schedule Save Instagram Post in Creator Studio

The seemingly simple functionality of Creator Studio makes the management of your Facebook and Instagram business pages more seamless and allows you to manage all of your Facebook and Instagram accounts from your desktop device.